Friday, October 23, 2009

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS! | Photoshop Actions | Jenilee

I am really excited to launch my new set of Actions :) The "Make it" actions. I've bought several actions over the years and have realized one thing: NONE of them really suited my needs. Most were over-done and just created a very un-natural look that was fun but wouldn't work for that day to day editing. So I have been studying Photoshop and really trying to master what I wanted to do to a picture to make it look perfect. To take it to that next step. :)

My set of Actions include 13 actions total:
2 fantastic black and whites,
2 color pops,
1 vintage,
1 eye enhancer,
2 resize/sharpen for web,
1 funky color action,
1 sharpen,
1 for underexposed pics,
1 for over exposed pics
and 1 to dodge/burn your picture safely :)

Here are some examples


Classic Black and White

Sexy Black and White





Super Pop


Make it NOT under-exposed

I am currently selling my Make It Actions at the low introductory price of $10. 00
I try my best to email them out as quickly as possible but please allow 48 hours after purchase for action set to be delivered. If after 48 hours you have not received your actions please contact me at

***All actions were created in CS3 and should work on CS3 and higher***

Make it Actions

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking For Christmas Pictures???

I only have ONE weekend morning spot left! Sunday, November 22, 2009! This last spot will go to the first one who purchases it! Contact me for more details!


Macyn's First Birthday | Irvine, California | Event Photographer

On October 3 I had the pleasure of taking pictures of little Macyn and her beautiful family. Macyn is one of the sweetest little one year olds I've ever had the pleasure of taking pictures of. Her Daddies were also beyond nice! My daughter had been in the hospital the day before their party and when I arrived they were so welcoming and kind. Many of the guests asked how Rory was and when I left they packed me up a box of food to take and gave me balloons for Rory and goodie pails for the kids! I must say I felt odd taking something from where I'm working lol. Seriously though this is such a kind family and Macyn is one lucky little girl :)

Passed out by the end of the day! How sweet is she!

The whole family! Birth mommy, and her two daddies :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bekky & family | Redlands, California | Family & Wedding Photographer

It was such a pleasure to take pictures for Bekky & Mark and their beautiful family again. I shot their wedding one year ago and I am shocked at how much these boys have grown in just one year!!!

and a shot from last year just for fun :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you are looking for Holiday Pictures, I only have 4 remaining weekend dates remaining.

October 24 (Saturday)
November 7 (Saturday)
November 15 (Sunday)***BOOKED***
November 22 (Saturday)

Some in-studio weekday sessions available upon request.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

*CONTEST* Show me your studio pics

*CONTEST* Show Me Your Studio Pics!

Have you recently gone to a Studio and been really disappointed with the experience/end result? Well after my recent 'chain studio vs professional' post, I've decided I want to do something about it! So email me ( your crappy Studio Pics* along with the information of the studio you went to!

The person with the worst photos/experience will win a FREE Session** along with 1-8x10, 2-5x7's, & 8 wallets!

*Please note that I take no responsibility of any pictures you send. By sending a picture you are agreeing that you have the right to copy/redistribute it and that I have permission to post your pics on my blog!

**Session to take place within 20 miles of Highland, California

Contest starts today and will end on October 24, 2009 So get those submissions in!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chain Portrait Studio vs Professional Photographer | Redlands, California | Family Photographer

HI! Call me Jessica. That was my 'under-cover' name today when I called every chain portrait studio I could think of.

Olan Mills
Jc Penney
Kiddie Kandids
Picture People

Now why did I call all of these studios you may wonder. Well I wanted to find out a few bits of information from them, and seeing as I couldn't find out everything to my hearts content via the internet I resorted to calling them. Wal-mart was the ONLY place I could not get a hold of.

The information I was looking for was:
Length of session
Amount of pictures taken
Sitting fees
Cost of a Disc WITH copyright release

The information I gave them was that I had 3 children I wanted photographed

ALL of these studios offer UP TO 15 minutes per session. That's right ONLY 15 minutes.

*Olan Mills*
-No sitting fee however, they do charge a $5.95 shipping fee for prints/discs
-They give up to 15 images/pictures/poses (whatever you want to call it)
-Disc of images is $150

- up to 9 poses
- $119.00 for a CD

*JC Penney*
- 9.99 per person sitting fee
- up to 30 pictures
- $100.00 CD

*Kiddie Kandids (babies-r-us)*
-No Sitting
- up to 9 poses
- $199 for a CD

*Picture People*
- No Sitting
-up to 40 pictures total
- $250 for a CD, however, they will only give you 12 full size images on the disc. After 12 images, they start resizing the images and if you try to print from them they will be grainier. (NICE)

So what is my Beef with 'chain portrait studios'?

1- They hire people regardless of knowledge of cameras/taking pictures & they instruct their employees to shoot in 'program/auto' which is the same thing as using a point and shoot aka (anyone can take the pics)

2- They only give you 15 minutes! (anyone with a shy child knows it can take a lot longer than that for the kid to warm up to a stranger)

3- They don't care about the end result. You get between 6-40 clicks of the camera and regardless of the pics that's what you get. They don't meticulously go through the pics and find the best ones and edit them to make your pictures a work of art & perhaps remove that unwanted scratch or pimple ;)

4- Overall poor quality.

So what do I recommend for people who want REAL professional pictures? Simple, Hire a professional. I understand that in these times of economic crisis that it isn't easy to hire a 'professional' photographer, as usually they charge quite a bit more than any of these 'chain' stores. Well, I hate to see anyone have to get crappy pics, so that is why I am offering my Economic Stimulus Sessions once again.

Turtle Dove Photography's Economic Stimulus Session

For ONLY $150 you will get a session (approximately 1 hour - yep 4 times the amount of time as a 'chain' studio) for up to 4 people (additional people are $10 per person). You will also receive an online proof gallery for 14 days for your family and friends to be able to view, as well as a High Resolution Disc of 15-20 images with Print Rights (I'll even recommend an awesome printing company).

If you want to get photographs taken, can you really afford to pass up a deal this great?