Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 Contest | Southern California | Family Photographer

The end of 2009 is coming and it has been a wonderful & busy journey. 2009 has brought with it so many things from happiness and heartache. I welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world on May 24 at 1:51am, I have done tons of family & child sessions this year, and have been blessed with a beautiful healthy family of my own. However, with the happiness came a lot of stress and heartache, from the stress of finding out my youngest daughter has an eye condition and not knowing if a brain tumor was causing it, to my oldest daughter being hospitalized with her kidneys acting up, and my closest friend's son having to get his appendix removed. Then witnessing so many close friends & family losing almost everything, from jobs to their homes to their spouses. Yet amongst all of the heartache we have all survived, we are making it just one day at a time and it has been a roller coaster of a year. I have such an amazing feeling about this coming year. I feel that after we have all gone through so much this year that 2010 is going to bring with it wonderful and bright happy things. As I am reflecting from this year I am looking back at all of my wonderful clients who I appreciate & love so much! I would love to do something to show my appreciation so I thought it would be fun to pick out my favorite pictures from this past year and chose just one lucky client to win a 16x20 of that picture along with a free session* in 2010!

SO PLEASE PICK YOUR FAVORITE PICTURE FROM THIS YEAR. I had to narrow it down to only 12 of my favorite sessions, I loved all of the sessions and it was hard to narrow down.


IP addresses and voting is being monitored. Please note that if I get multiple votes from the same IP address I will reset the poll

Contest will end & poll will be locked on December 5, 2009













IP addresses and voting is being monitored. Please note that if I get multiple votes from the same IP address I will reset the poll

*Session to take place between January 2, 2009 & March 30, 2009.
*Session for immediate family (Parents & children)
*Session to take place within 30 miles of Highland, California.

Call (909) 534-7825
or email jenilee@turtledovephotography.NET

to book your session today! Or purchase a session directly on my blog :)

Session includes 1 session & 1 disc of High Resolution images (approximately 20)

Session for


Anonymous said...

I can't vote? I've not voted, but it tells me that I can't vote repeatedly. . .

Top_Momma said...

i LOVE 1 & 10 and 11 is just precious! too bad i'll have to be on the honor system and not vote a bajillion times ;)

Mandi said...

I may be biased, but I like #10. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow to bad you can't block people from voting more than once. It sucks when one person ruins it for everyone else. I'm sure it makes you not want to do these kinds of giveaways. So sad

Jenilee said...

awww I'm sorry. I don't think any of my clients would try to cheat. I know that number 6 is a very popular little girl as her birthday party had about 100 people in attendance :p